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 La pipe sacrée (legende indienne)

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MessaggioTitolo: La pipe sacrée (legende indienne)   Mar Mag 31, 2011 10:01 am

This legend tells qu' a long ago a beautiful young woman, vêtue of white buckskin, and carrying a package in her arms as a child is held, arrived of l' West. Two scouts crossed his way.
Young person, few with the current moralities, tried to allure the young woman of force, a cloud s' cut down then on them, and the young man fell to the feet from the young woman in the form of skeleton. L' another frightened scout, tried s' to flee, but the young woman calmed it, tells him qu' she was the sister of all the men of her village and qu' it was to announce its arrival for the following day. Of return to the village he announced the news, and the chief decided d' to accomodate this young woman cordially. The following day with l' paddle the young woman appeared coming from l' West, with its package in the arms. She entered the tipi of the chief, and was presented in the form of a sister of all, she says to the qu' chief then; she had a gift for them and demolished the package. There was inside a pipe dismounted in two pieces: the furnace made d' a red stone (of the catlinite more exactly) carved in the shape of laid down bison, and the pipe made of wood with feathers d' eagle hung above; like d' other objects including one small carved stone of seven concentric circles. the furnace made d' a red stone (of the catlinite more exactly) carved in the shape of laid down bison, and the pipe made of wood with feathers d' eagle hung above; like d' other objects including one small carved stone of seven concentric circles. She explained to the chief and all the joined together tribe why this crowned pipe was a gift of Wakan Tanka (the Great mind) made with these people, and qu' they were to keep it précautionneusement and to smoke it to ask l' helps of Wakan Tanka qu' in the event of need, and qu' it represented an important symbol of peace (c' is what gave the peace pipe of peace at the Amerindians). She tells them qu' through the smoke of the pipe their message would arrive jusqu' with it which would then transmit it to Wakan Tanka. It informed as each one and each one on its role to be played in the tribe, as women and men were so important l' one that l' other with the survival of all same if their tasks were different, and that the children owed respect to the adults, but that they also were to be respected puisqu' they are the generations to come. It also learned with these people seven crowned rites of which that from the tent with sudation (or Inipi), and that of the search for visions (or Hanbleceya), which are always practised at the Sioux d' aujourd' today. It set out again with the setting sun towards l' West d' where it had come, and by leaving the village it was metamorphosed in a white bisonne before disappearing with l' horizonC' is what was worth its nickname to him: White Bisonne woman; and that of the pipe: Pipe Small Bison. She says before setting out again qu' she would return on Earth at the end of the four cycles, when the bison which retains the catastrophes which threaten the world s' will break down, leaving the catastrophes qu' it retained to flow on the world. This bison loses a hair each year, and a foot with each cycle, and currently it does not hold any more that on a foot, and he is almost bald person ........ This legend explains the crowned character of the pipe at the Sioux who have all of them with personal capacity, the Shaman by having additional, that which is useful to him at its chamanic meetings. It happens that which requires l' helps with the Shaman offers the pipe to him which will be useful at the time of the meeting, but more frequently one offers to the Shaman tobacco in compensation of his work. From the crowned character of these pipes they all are dismountable in two parts like the original pipe. For the chamanic meetings, or the requests made through the smoke of the pipe, the tobacco used is often a mixture of tobacco, d' bark d' red alder, d' bark of willow, d' armoise and of Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) which is used to soften the taste of other a little bitter grasses. This mixture is called Indian tobacco or kinnik kinnik. The pipe Sioux carries like the original pipe of decorations containing feathers and ends of fur. The pipe lorsqu' she is smoked carries in her the five elements and the four reigns: - the furnace represents l' element ground and the mineral kingdom, - the pipe represents the vegetable kingdom, - the feathers and decorations of fur represent the animal kingdom.


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La pipe sacrée (legende indienne)
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