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 THe Legends of Camelot

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MessaggioTitolo: THe Legends of Camelot   Mar Dic 14, 2010 11:42 pm

Their is no historical evidence that King Arthur existed. The Arthurian legends were based on the books written by the clerics of the Medieval era or the Middles Ages. But there is some evidence that King Arthur might have been based on a real person so is it therefore unreasonable to expect that a place called Camelot also existed?
This magical city Camelot was the capital of the kingdom of King Arthur. Cadbury Castle in Somerset, an isolated Iron Age hill fort, is the site most often identified with Camelot, Camelot is not located on any authentic early map.
King Arthur held court at Camelot as the leader of the Knights of the Round Table.
Arthur was betrayed by his wife Guinevere and his nephew, or son, Mordred.
Wounded in battle against Mordred, he was carried away by three fairy queens to Avalon, the land of immortal heroes, from which he will return to lead his countrymen in the time of their greatest peril.
The oldest known stories of Arthur never refer to Camelot, as such. The King first holds court there explicitly in the romance “ Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart” written by Chretien de Troyes between 1160 and 1180, six hundred years after England was ruled by King Arthur.According to legend Camelot is only briefly mentioned and is not described; “upon a certain…[d]ay King Arthur had come from Caerleon, and had held a very magnificent court at Camelot’”. The name Camelot is mentioned as follows:"Upon a certain Ascension Day King Arthur had come from Caerleon, and had held a very magnificent court at Camelot as was fitting on such a day." Chretien de Troyes mentions Caerleon, as had Geoffrey of Monmouth, but in his work King Arthur had moved to another court in Camelot..
Interestingly, while Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote the Historia Regum Britanniae at around the same time, with a description of the mythical historical legend of King Arthur, he never mentioned the word Camelot. Geoffrey of Monmouth sets King Arthur's court at Caerleon in Wales. Monmouth describes Caerleon as being "Situated on the River Usk, not far from the Severn Sea, in a most pleasant position, and being richer in material wealth than other townships". This led many to surmise that this Caerleon must subsequently be the mythical Camelot. So where did the name of the place called Camelot originate?
Three centuries later Sir Thomas Mallory , in his book “Le Morte d’Arthur (The Death of Arthurmakes it the chief city of the realm, where the Round Table is housed. He sometimes equates it with Winchester yet in one passage of his work it seems to be north of Carlisle. Was Camelot located in Winchester? There is a massive Round Table in the Great Hall at Winchester which was said to be King Arthur's Round Table.
. The last argued potential location emerged from John Leland’s accounts in 1542 in his search for England’s Antiquities, where he argued that the local people around Somerset believed “South Cadbyri” to be the genuine Camelot..
Cadbury has prevailed to be the most commonly believed locality for Camelot.
With this romantic image in mind of a beautiful and joyous capital, many people naturally would like to discover if there is archaeological evidence to prove the actual existence of Camelot. While there have been many arguments on possible locations for Camelot; some more convincing than others in terms of archaeological proof, the places most commonly accepted to be Camelot in Great Britain are Cadbury Hill, Winchester and Caerleon.
The story of King Arthur began life as a scattered collection of tales that originally probably had nothing to do with any discernible historical figure. Camelot in the same manner probably never was a single specific city or place, but probably a symbol created to represent the home fortress of an archetypical heroic war lord.
King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Lancelot, Camelot , Excalibur and Holy Grail are names that always conjures up visions of chivalry and magic, romance and adventure.

( Spence, Lewis, An Encyclopedia of occultism, Carol Publishing Group; Lacy, Norris J., The New Arthurian Encyclopedia )

Steve Perry -Quest for Camelot - United We Stand Lyrics

United we stand
Now and forever
In truth, divided we fall

Hand upon hand
Brother to brother
No one shall be greater than all

United we stand
Now and forever
In truth, divided we fall

Hand upon hand
Brother to brother
No one shall be greater than all

It's been ten years we celebrate
All that made our kingdom great
Liberty and Justice for all

Each of us will now divide
In equal shares our countryside
Promising equality for all who reside!

United we stand
Now and forever
In truth, divided we fall

Hand upon hand
Brother to brother
No one shall be greater than all


.Shall be greater than all


.No one greater than all


Shall be greater than . . .

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THe Legends of Camelot
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